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SUMMER ARTS CAMP Covid-19 Protocols

Before Camp

  • All families will be required to sign a waiver releasing A TIME FOR DANCE LLC of any liability from Covid-19.

  • All campers should be screened at home for any Covid symptoms (fever, cough, cold symptoms, aches etc.)

  • If your child is presenting ​ANY ​of these symptoms, please do not send her to camp until she is feeling well ​and​ has been cleared by a doctor.

  • If ​anyone​ in the family is sick or has Covid-19 symptoms, please do not send your daughter to camp until the family member is cleared by a doctor.

  • Please talk to your child(ren) about the importance of practicing good hygiene while at camp.


Arrival at Camp

  • Your child will be greeted each morning by a counselor with a mask.

  • Parents are welcome to walk your child to the entrance to greet the counselor.

  • Campers must wear masks upon their arrival to camp.

  • Campers’ hands will be sanitized, and bags wiped down.

  • Upon arrival, each camper’s temperature will be taken (contactless thermometer). Any child with an elevated temperature (100.4 and above) will immediately be sent to the office where parents will be called to pick up your child.


Camp Structure

  • Outdoor spaces will be utilized as much as possible. Please make sure to apply sunscreen each morning.

  • Campers will only be doing activities with other girls in their age group. Each group will remain separated from other groups most of the time.

  • Lunch times will be staggered.

  • Full camp activities / shows will be designed to allow for separation between groups.

  • Campers will be required to wear masks in hallways, restrooms, during any transportation (pool) and at arrival and departure.

  • Any child not feeling well will be sent home.

  • Swimming times will be staggered and limited to one group at a time, we are also planning for water activities to take place in camp.

  • As of now, there will not be trips this summer. We are planning to supplement trips with enhanced activities, crafts, shows and special guest artists.


Sanitation and Cleanliness

  • Extra janitorial staff has been hired to sanitize shared spaces, shared materials and restrooms.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for each group, throughout the building and outside. Campers will be encouraged to sanitize and hand wash frequently. Definitely before meals and snacks.

  • Hand sanitizer will be used prior to entering restrooms as well as after they leave.



  • Staff will be screened for symptoms and staff temperatures will be taken daily.

  • Staff will remain and interact only with their group.

  • Staff will be encouraged to wear masks whenever possible.

  • Staff will be attentive to campers who may not be feeling well and immediately notify head-staff of anything concerning.

  • Floating staff members and head-staff will wear masks whenever possible.



  • If your child or family member is presenting Covid-19 symptoms, please inform camp immediately. Names of campers will never be shared.


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