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Early Childhood Program ages 18 mos - 5 yrs


We, at A Time for Dance, are dedicated to passing on to children a lifelong love of dance, music, movement and dramatic arts. Our On/Off Site Kids Dance Program is our opportunity to share this dedication with organizations throughout the city. The Program is under the direction of Founder, Sheila Meyer, and our teaching staff includes some of the most highly experienced instructors in the dance community. Together we are committed to the philosophy that the art of dance belong to all of us. Our teaching technique is designed to develop skills that last a lifetime!


Mommy and Me Creative Movement/Gym (Boys/Girls 18 mo-2 1/2 years) This unique class is designed to nurture bonding between mother and child through creative, fun activities such as stretches, circle-time singing and gymnastics in our mini gym. The music, props and routines utilized make this an unforgettable experience to be cherished by children and mothers alike. Attire: Comfortable clothing.

Preballet/Creative Movement (2-3 years) This mindfully-structured class encourages early development of ballet movement through physical conditioning, terminology and basic steps.  Children acquire grace, poise and expression through stimulating games, imaginative role play and fun, short dance routines. Attire:  Light Blue Leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes.


Ballet/Tap Combo (4-5 years) As the basis for all dance technique, ballet positions, posture and steps teach the necessary discipline to encourage versatility in movement for children. Tap establishes an understanding or musicality, rhythm and coordination. Together, the two elements work hand in hand to create the perfect combination class, teaching proper weight-shifting and patterns in movement. Attire: Pink leotards, tights, ballet and tap shoes.


Introduction to Gymnastics (Boys and Girls 3- 4 years) As an ideal approach to learning physical discipline, children acquire strength and flexibility through proper warm-up techniques and movements across a mat.  Teachers assist students through movements to ensure utmost safety and understanding of the skills of tumbling and gymnastics. Fun cardiovascular dances and props make this class lots of fun!  Attire: Girls - Black and Pink Leotards and Leggings.

Drama Workshop I, II - This newly redesigned program features a two and a half hour (advances to three hours in December) workshop of acting, singing and dancing. Students get the opportunity to study under the guidance of different women who are experts in theater and the arts.  The first part of the year the features a well-planned and organized curriculum in which students will learn the art of acting in areas such role play, improvisation, monologues, developing a character and more.  Vocal instruction is included under the direction a professional singing coach. The workshop includes an enjoyable dance class where children will be introduced to Theatrical Dance, Tap, Lyrical and Jazz technique. Starting in November, students will audition for roles and work on applying all techniques learned as they prepare for their theatrical and dancing roles in our end of the year musical production!  Workshop is divided into levels: I (beginner) & II intermediate/ advanced.


Ballet/Tap I - Ballet instills discipline in students in regard to precision of movement as well as strength and flexibility.  Tap encourages a deeper understanding of musicality, rhythm ad coordination, Together, the two dance forms compliment each other to create a well-rounded dancer. Attire:  White Leotard, white tights, pink ballet slippers, black patent leather tap shoes.


Gymnastics I, II, III - This well-praised program has highly-structured curriculum to ensure a solid foundation for gymnastic technique. Floor stretches, warm-ups and drills develop strength, flexibility and endurance while exercises on the beam, trampoline and mat develop technique, motor coordination and general fitness. Level I/Beginner- children learn front and backward somersaults, bridges, handstands and cartwheels. Level II/Intermediate – 1 year training required must be able to do cart-wheels, curriculum includes: handstands, front walkovers, roundoffs, one handed cartwheels etc.. Level II/Advanced must be able to do roundoffs, back walkovers, front limbers and handstands curriculum includes: one-handed cartwheels, front hand springs, flips and more. Attire: Girls -Black and Pink Leotards and Leggings


Hip Hop - A fast-paced, urban style of Jazz focusing on precise, strong movements while developing strength, flexibility and rhythm.  Class includes floor-stretching, cardiovascular warm-ups, leaps, turns, balances and combinations in the center.  A fun, upbeat class! Attire: Pants, t-shirt and Dancesneakers or Non Marking Sneakers.


Jazz - Set to fast, appropriate music, Jazz dance gives students the opportunity to work on their technique as well as performance ability.  Class structure is similar ballet, however, it focuses on the various styles of the dance form including classical jazz, commercial jazz, contemporary jazz and musical theatre jazz.  Attire: Leggings, t-shirt, Jazz Shoes.


Lyrical - Combining elements of jazz, modern and ballet, lyrical trains dancer both in the technical and artistic challenges of dance.  The quality of the movement is soft, strong, and expressive.  Class begins with a warm-up designed to both stretch and strengthen students, followed by across-the-floor turns, leaps and jumps which provide a highly-effective workout.  Lastly, students have the opportunity to learn original choreography set to ballads, often telling a story through the movement.  Attire: T-shirt, ballet skirt or pants, Grecian sandals.


Tap - This class is specialized as it approaches tap as a dance form as well as a form of music.  Students both watch and listen to acquire new movements and are encouraged to execute steps without tension in the foot and ankle.  The lack of tensions results in fewer injuries and greater speed of sound.  In more advance levels, sheet music is utilized to create a greater depth of understanding in regard to counting and musicality.  Students have the opportunity to learn original choreography as well as practice their skills in improvisation. Attire: Leggings and T-shirt black patent leather tap shoes.


Modern Dance - The type of modern dance being taught will be the Humphrey/ Weidman technique which is based on the theory of fall and recovery. Attire: Black leotard or leggings.

Girls and Women's Program ages 5 - teens & adults

Girls and Women

Professional Ballet Program


Based on the technique for Royal Academy of Dance “RAD”. This internationally recognized English style of ballet was formed when the founders merged their respective methods (Italian, French, Danish and Russian), to create a new method that would demand a high technical standard from students. The precision and attention to detail, when learning the basics of each level creates strong, expressive yet polished and refined dancers.  Basics of each level must be achieved before advancing to the next. Levels coordinate with colored schemed uniforms.


Ballet 1 ages  6-8 1st  year of standard ballet Attire: Lavender Leotard, pink tights and pink split sole leather ballet shoes.


Ballet 2 ages 9-12  is for students who have completed Ballet 1. Attire: Light Blue leotard, pink tights, Pink Split soled leather Ballet Shoes.


Prepointe/Pointe  1 ½ hour class. For students who have completed two years of Ballet. This is an audition only class. Attire: Black Leotard, pink seamed tights, hip alignment belt, pointe shoes, lambswool.


All dancewear and student attire is available for purchase through our dancewear boutique. Call in to preorder and insure that we’ll have your size in stock!

Boys' Program


Kickboxing The program everyone has been waiting for.  Join us for a fun and enjoyable cardiovascular workout exclusively for boys ages 8 and up. This class uses kickboxing skills to develop muscle conditioning and physical strength through the practice of repetitive movements. Attire: Comfortable Exercise clothing.

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