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Private Lesson Policies & Procedures


TUITION. Payment for private, duet, trio and small group lessons are due during the month of the scheduled lesson.  A credit/debit card on file is required for regularly scheduled private lessons.  Lessons will be autocharged to the card on file at or around the end of each month.

MISSED CLASS/CANCELLATION. Cancellations must be communicated with us more than 24 hrs in advance in order to not incur any fees.  If the cancellation occurs within the 24 hrs before the scheduled lesson, you are responsible for full payment of the private lesson.  If your child participates in a duet/trio/small group class with other students, your class participants will be responsible for the full private lesson rate no matter who is in attendance. The rate will be split by the number of students. Example: if your child does a duet private lesson with another child and that other child cancels within the 24 hr period before the class and your child decides to attend any way, you will be charged the full private lesson rate.

PUNCTUALITY POLICY. We do not offer discounted lessons if you arrive late to your private lesson. Any changes to your private lesson start and end times must be agreed upon 24 hrs before the start of the class.

RATES. Private and small group lesson rates start at $85/hr and are dependent on the length of the lesson, the teacher giving the lesson and the type of lesson.


The staff at A Time For Dance reserves the right to refuse anyone from taking class due to repeated disregard or negligence of studio policies and payment delinquencies, disruptive behavior, or any other reason that puts the dance studio, its staff or members in jeopardy. 


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